NYS Collection Franchise. Cost and Overview

NYS Collection Franchise. Cost and Overview

October 29, 2022 Off By dodgersgurlmD

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The franchise name is NYS Collection, the NYS stands for New York Shades Collection, and they sell high quality designer sunglasses with a lifetime warranty. One of the things we liked in particular is that NYS owned and operated hundreds of stores prior to offering their franchise opportunity in 2010. Many times we see franchisors with no corporately owned stores or just one, and while this isn’t the end of the world it does make one wonder how much experience and support that franchise will be able to provide you.

NYS Collection is a global brand with over 500 locations in 16 countries. Because of their unique display and kiosk options this franchise is suitable for someone who wants a retail business of their own but might not have the budget, or the desire to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into a full sized retail operation.

Because this is a proprietary sunglasses line from NYS Collection the margins are very strong. That helps you make money and allows for your customers to get a high quality pair of sunglasses with a lifetime warranty for a fraction of the price. Your market is people looking for premium eye wear at reasonable prices. All sunglasses are under $100 and there are over 300 styles to choose from. This market niche has worked very well and has allowed NYS collection to expand into airports, malls and unique venues throughout the globe.

Your investment amount for a NYS Collection Franchise will depend on what type of location you choose and NYS can work with you to determine which unit might work well in your local venue. There are small retail merchandising displays, kiosks, and small store models.

retail franchiseWho this business is suited for is a person who wants to be an owner operator. This model is not for multi unit investor groups looking to have a passive business. You are probably someone who has experience in retail and managing people, enjoys working with customers representing a quality product and brand, and ready to step up to business ownership.

Another unique aspect of this franchise is there are no royalties. None. That keeps more money in your pocket.

The total cost for a NYS Collection franchise will range between about $25,000 to $100,000. You should have a minimium net worth of $100,000 (depending on which store model you choose)

If you have an idea for a location in your city that would do well with a NYS Collection franchise and would like to learn more Call us at 800-432-1583 or complete the form on this page: http://www.franchise.city/nys-collection-franchise/