Franchise Talk with PMI Property Management Franchise

Franchise Talk with PMI Property Management Franchise

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This is Franchise Talk where we interview franchises so you can see them for who they are. I’m your host Alex and I’m a veteran. I spent 8 years in the Army as an Interrogator so critical questions and data collection are “my thing.” This will help you get a good feel of franchising, the people asking you to partner as a franchisee and train you to become a business owner in the brand. I am a Franchise Broker kind of like a realtor for franchises. I am an expert and professional with a 30,000 foot overview of the franchises. I am your guide to finding the right one before you start being sold to.

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Property Management Inc.

As one of the fastest growing franchises in the country, Property Management Inc. is truly in a class of its own. PMI’s proven, comprehensive franchise program gives you the tools you need to get started on your path to success. The benefits you will receive from the Property Management Inc. franchise system will give you the competitive advantage required to succeed in the property management industry.

The Property Management Inc. franchise system is comprised of four core systems that when combined together deliver a turn-key business system to the franchise owner. These systems are what ultimately give you an advantage in the marketplace. No other property management system can come close to the value we deliver to our franchise owners. We know how to help new property management franchise business owners avoid the pitfalls, expenses, and risks of starting a business from scratch.

PMI’s franchise program supports franchisees every step of the way on their path to building a successful property management business. Owning a Property Management Inc. franchise is a smart way to go into business for yourself – but not by yourself.

Many have the impression that they have to be an expert in marketing, finance, business management or even real estate to be successful in property management. Not with Property Management Inc. When you join PMI, you learn everything you need to know and PMI’s expert team provides the expertise needed to achieve success in the industry of property management.

Alex’s Points
Home Based Business
Low investment
Well built supporting infrastructure
Well defined success plan
Brand Growth
Brand Recognition