FRANCHISE Accountant (CPA) shares SECRETS for prospective FRANCHISEES

FRANCHISE Accountant (CPA) shares SECRETS for prospective FRANCHISEES

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Today we have Michael Reeder in this video. He is a franchise accountant and has years of experience in the franchising industry. Michael is going to share some secrets with us that he’s learned over the years about what prospective franchisees need to look for when choosing a franchise. He’ll also talk about the importance of having an accountant as part of your business team!

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Secrets For a Successful Franchisee: Insights From a Franchise Accountant

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00:00 Introduction
01:07 Q&A – Why you got into accounting and how you make the transition to focus on franchising?
10:54 About the average CPA role
14:05 Q&A – What are the main concerns of prospective franchise buyers in the process of signing a franchise agreement?
19:12 About having a good team of advisors
20:39 Q&A – What do you see as a red flag when a client network is 200k and is investing 400k in a franchise? Do you have a data acquired ratio?
23:47 Q&A – Do you also help franchise buyers with the performa?
27:40 Q&A – Do you help with the franchisee validation process?
28:38 Q&A – Is there any particular item from the FDD that every franchisee should look at?
31:20 Q&A – Have you ever asked a brand: “I notice you do not break down royalties and franchise fee income. Do you mind breaking that down for me?”.
32:17 Q&A – Any last thoughts for prospective franchise buyers?
42:27 Conclusion

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